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EFFIND is the ideal partner for those looking for quality and precision in mechanical processing.
Thanks to our all-encompassing organisation, we are able to manage all the phases of the production process, from design to delivery of the order, always guaranteeing the traceability of our products.



We specialise in the production of flanges according to international standards and flanges made to drawing. We use only certified high-quality materials and state-of-the-art machines.
Every single product undergoes thorough visual and dimensional checks before packaging.
We also provide our EN 10204/3.1 certification.
Upon client request, we can also provide EN 10204/3.2 certification, issued by accredited international third party agencies.


Technical Office

EFFIND stands out for its ability to work in partnership with clients in order to effectively support them in resolving possible technological problems; this has allowed Effind to become an important, preferred supplier for many of the major companies in the global Power Energy and Oil & Gas sectors. 
For every product, drawings are prepared for in-house production using 3D graphic modelling software.
On request, design calculations can be provided for products such as swivel ring flanges, anchor flanges, spectacle blind flanges, hub and clamp connectors.



Raw Materials

Our large stocks of forged products, raw and semi-finished flanges allow us to complete our clients' order requests with flexibility and in a short time frame, 
both for large orders and small requirements.


CNC Machining

In order to guarantee speed and flexibility in mechanical construction, we are equipped with the best technologies and machines.
Thanks to our comprehensive set of machines, we are able to perform all the operations needed to produce the finished product in-house, controlling its development through fast, precise processes with a wide range of size options.
Recently, we have acquired a new lathe that uses technology 4.0




Marking can be performed using a "V-notch" or "low stress" method, according to standard criteria or based on specifications requested by clients, guaranteeing easy, safe traceability of every product.



In order to guarantee that our products are truly reliable, we offer inspection services on request. We can perform non-destructive tests in-house, including liquid penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection and/or ultrasonic testing, and destructive tests such as tensile tests, impact tests, corrosion tests, SPWHT etc. can be performed by qualified external laboratories. After mechanical processing, every product undergoes thorough visual and dimensional checks to verify perfect compliance with standard specifications or client requests.



In order to guarantee that the products shipped reach their destination in perfect condition, we take great care over packaging. We use made-to-measure fumigated wooden crates or pallets sealed with heat-shrinking nylon and straps, depending on the destination and client requirements.
This guarantees that the goods are protected during transport on land, by sea or by air, all the way to their destination.